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Bike Rental

2024 WMBF Bike Rental Details

Hardtail/Full Suspension - Cost $39.99/day $99.99/Weekend $149.99/Week
Supercaliber 9.7 Gen 2
Roscoe 7

Electric Assist Cost $39.99/day $99.99/Weekend $149.99/Week
Townie 7d Go Men’s
Townie 7d Go Ladies
Denago Folding

Pavement Cost $29.99/day $59.99/Weekend $99.99/week
Townie 7d Mens
Townie 7d Ladies

Hitch Car Rack Cost $29.99 per Bike rental $49.99 per new Bike purchase $99.99/week
Thule Epos 2
Saris Door County

TerraTrike Cost $59.99/day $149.99/Weekend $249.99/Week
EVO (Includes Flag, Bottle Pocket)
Rambler X9 Boosted
GTS Booster

Box Rental Cost $39.99/day $99.99/Weekend $169.99/Week
Thule Motion XXL

Helmet Cost $5.00 Duration of Rental
Giro Fixture II
Giro Fixture Jr

*Bicycles come equipped with a seat pack holding a flat kit and multi tool, water bottle cage,
bottle, and daytime running lights.
**Rental value for bicycles, rack and box can be applied towards the purchase of a comparable
item within 30 days of the demo/rental. Due to sizing the cost to rent a trike cannot be applied to
a purchase.