Join the West Michigan Bike and Fitness Cycling Club!

West Michigan Bike and Fitness Cycling Club

The WMBF Cycling Club is dedicated to connecting the communities of riders and racers affiliated with West Michigan Bike & Fitness. If you want to know more, stop by one of the shops or say hi to us at one of our 2017 target events!

2017 Event List

  • July- Holland 100 
  • August- MiTi (8/20/17)
  • September- Tour de Donut (9/16/17)
  • October- Lowell 50 (10/28/17)
  • November- Iceman (11/4/17)

In addition to our focus events to be at we also have weekly shop rides for both road and mountain bike cyclists.

Check out our Facebook Page for up to date events!