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What is it?

You have spoken, and we have heard you. For 2019 we are continuing our more comprehensive mechanics class that has been such a big hit. This year’s class will cover the complete tear down and rebuild of your personal bicycle aided by the head mechanic of each West Michigan Bike location. This is a great opportunity to learn from someone with more than thirty years of bicycle mechanic experience using our tools and equipment, all while preparing your own bike for spring.

When is it?

Class dates will begin the week of January 14 with Holland running classes Monday night, and Kentwood’s class on Wednesday nights. Participants are encouraged to arrive and set up at 5:45 with instruction beginning at 6:00 and running until 8:00. Classes run four consecutive weeks January 14-February 4  for Grandville and Holland and January 16-February 6 at Kentwood.

What is the cost?

The four-week class cost $200 and includes a copy of Park Tool’s Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair as well as bench space and use of shop tools. Any parts needed are not included in the class price, but we will offer a special price on tools at the end of the class to bolster your home workbench.

What is the course curriculum?

Week 1

The Basics - Covering the basics of the bike including an overview of what each part is.

Keep it Rolling - We will cover replacing spokes, truing wheels, and overhauling hubs.

Flat Fixes - Practice fixing a flat, as well as the common causes and some more uncommon fixes.

Q&A related to the night’s topics.

Week 2

Bearings & More – How to overhaul or replace the headset and bottom bracket as well as crank, chainring, and pedal installation.

Essential Tools – Discussion and presentation of the tools needed for the following two weeks as well as tool tips from a seasoned mechanic

Q&A related to the night’s topics.

Week 3

Smooth Shifting – Week three will be all about the drivetrain with focusing on removing and deep cleaning the chain, cassette, and derailleurs, as well as how to properly reinstall and adjust them. We will also cover installation of new shift cables and housing, before showing you how to keep it all well maintained after the overhaul.

Q&A related to the night’s topics.

Week 4

Making It Stop – Rim brakes, disc brakes, mechanical, and hydraulic, we will teach you how to fine tune, replace cables and housing, or bleed whichever type of brake you have.

Fine Tuning – What do you need to check before taking your bike out of the repair stand and how can you ensure it is working its best.

Frame Protection – How to revive your bikes finish and protect its finish going forward.

Q&A related to the night’s topics.

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