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A Message From Our Team 04/05/2021

As we move towards summer and the more traditional bike buying and selling season we unfortunately have an unpleasant truth to share. Despite our hopes that bike availability would look better this summer than last we are looking at a more significant shortage of bikes, accessories and parts than we have had to deal with in our 83 years of doing business, and it comes at a time when more of you want to ride than ever. Shipping, production, raw materials, etc are all proving to be limiters in the supply chain and all are having a significant impact on what we will have available for the next 12-24 months. On a positive note we are receiving bikes every week, there may not be enough of them and it might not be the exact right bike, but we are trying to get those bikes out on the roads and trails as soon as possible. Our plan to try and combat this shortage is to focus on the things we can control. We will continue to operate on shortened hours to get bikes built, backordered items sorted and products to either the sales floor or customers as soon as possible. We are blessed to have estimated allocation dates for every bike we have on backorder and while they certainly aren’t always right the dates do allow us to presell bikes to people that know what bike they want and would like to reserve that bike for a future ship date. Finally we will do our best to chip away at what once again is a long line of repair bikes as so many of you have realized that fixing your old bike is the best or only solution to getting on a bike this spring/summer. What we are hoping you can give us is patience. This isn’t easy for any of us, we are seeing four times the foot traffic of a normal spring with a small fraction the inventory we would normally have. This leaves us in a position where the phone may ring an extra few times, it may take a little bit for us to get to you in store and you may have to wait for a bike if you decide you would like one, but know that we intend to do our best to take care of you in these unprecedented times. We are looking forward to the day we once again have full showrooms and warehouses packed with bikes and the resulting smiles it brings all of us, until then we hope to see you and hope we can help you find your next bike.