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What Sets WMBF Apart

A Biker’s Dozen 

  • We are West Michigan family owned and operated since 1938.
  • We host some great one day events that are sure to make cycling more fun for you.
  • Our kid’s bike trade in program allows your child to always have a well-fitting bike.
  • We are service professionals with quick turnaround throughout the year.
  • Our employees collectively boast hundreds of years of bike shop experience.
  • We have gone through great pains to get educated in properly fitting you to your bicycle.
  • We have three diverse locations.
  • We sell the absolute best bicycles.
  • Our price match policy allows you to buy today without fear of seeing it cheaper tomorrow.
  • We host a variety of group rides that target a large audience throughout the year.
  • We sell bicycles and fitness equipment that allow you to stay fit year round.
  • We have a wonderful website that lets you browse items in stock as well as items we can order.
  • We love bikes as much as you do!

Our Featured Brands

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