New App-Powered Device Revolutionizes Flat Tire Repair!

USB-123's iFixaFlat: finally a safe and easy cure for the common flat tire!

AP News - April 1, 2012 - Sunnydale, CA

Fixing a flat tire alongside the road is an inconvenience for cyclists, and it can be downright dangerous at times. Now, with USB-123's groundbreaking and advanced iFixaFlat technology the hassles of this frustrating and hazardous roadside repair may finally be a thing of the past!

USB-123's ingenious iFixaFlat app and USB-enabled interface upgrade almost any takealong bicycle pump so that it can both seal the hole and inflate the tire back to full riding pressure. The iFixaFlat does this by quickly injecting USB-123's proprietary CoGoo sealant into the tire to seal the hole.

Next, the cyclist simply plugs the iFixaFlat's built-in and superlight cable into their smartphone mini-USB port and the iFixaFlat's sensor reads the recommended tire pressure and automatically inflates the tire again. No strenuous pumping required!

What's more, the iFixaFlat is all about safety, too! Bikers can stand clear of the road while iFixaFlat does its job (guaranteed to take less than three minutes with a fully charged smartphone).

And, amazingly, during the repair process the iFixaFlat app turns the cyclist's smartphone into an attention-getting flashing yellow caution light warning drivers of your presence on the shoulder, while helpfully notifying other riders of the roadside debris, too!

USB-123's revolutionary and potentially life-saving iFixaFlat system is set to hit stores on April 16 at the excellent price point of $49.99. The complete kit includes iPhone- and Android-compatible application software, the mini-USB-enabled inflation interface, a Presta valve adapter and two patented CoGoo cartridges. Additional cartridges will retail for $6.99 each.

The iFixaFlat is the latest in USB-123’s long line of successful USB-enabled apps for time-crunched smartphone users, such as their Gadget World Gold Medal-winning iOpenaCan and iSwataFly that have already earned USB-123 a nomination to the International Inventors' Hall of Fame.

Here's a fascinating video of the iFixaFlat in action fixing flats and saving lives.

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